Social Design > Over The Rainbow

We all move on the gender arch between female and male, between gay and straight, between man and women. There are wider range experiences and identities crossing the dichotomy who’s rules we were taught to obey.

Over the rainbow is a campaign that presents a variety of gender identities within each and every one of us, thus promoting a more flexible comprehension of the gender diversity surrounding us. Through these short clips, participants share their experiences and thoughts and create a renewed perspective on the diverse identities within us allowing us to search for our own identity.

The campaign is based on Professor Dafna Yoel research that challenges the general opinion on gender and how we define it. 

This campaign was created in collaboration with Ariel Medina, Roni Artzi, Roy Litan as part of Studio PO, for Ma’avarim organization.

Permiered in TLVfest 2018.

Shiran Berry
Tel Aviv, Israel